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    About Uta Kapp
    Uta Kapp has been on the digital frontier for more than 30 years, being an expert in software development and Agile leadership. As a software engineer, coach and trainer she has supported many companies during their Agile transformation. Scrum is one of the pillars in her work. The question that drives her is, which special gifts women have to offer to the age of digital transformation. Uta is also Product Owner of the Diversity Counsel at Scrum.org.

    About her session – How diversity boosts Agile teams
    “True happiness… is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”  ― Helen Keller

    Agility is like a flight formation, that a swarm of birds creates to efficiently work as a collective. The booster of the innovationrate in teams is the flow of ideas that fuel their creativity. Freedom of mind and multiple perspectives, statistically proven, give wings to self organizing groups. These broad perspectives come from diverse backgounds of team members, like culture, language, abilities and gender. To little diversity ends up in echo chambers. Successful companies of the digital age, like Google, Amazon or Spottify make use of this insight.

    In software teams women are underrepresented, with an average of about 15%. They could be a great source for more diverse perspectives. Why and how do women add more viewpoints to Agile teams? How can the feminine power inspire and not be like clipped wings?

    What does it need for a company, to boost this factor in times, where innovation is crucial?

    IJ Zaal (5th floor) 11:15 – 12 :00 

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