Ron EringaAgile Leadership Consultant/Developper

    About Ron Eringa
    Ron is a consultant who develops Agile Leadership on all levels of the organization:

    By helping managers become true Agile leaders that develop inspiring workplaces
    By helping Scrum Masters develop self-organized, high performing teams
    By helping Product Owners to create an environment where teams develop brilliant ideas and valuable products

    He regularly speaks at conferences and seminars and as a Professional Scrum Trainer he delivers Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Leadership trainings.

    Since 2004, Ron has helped a large number of organizations to implement Scrum and Agility.

    About his session – Spiral Dynamics & Leadership
    Digital transformations are reshaping the way in which we lead modern enterprises. The leaders of these organizations have the difficult task to keep employees engaged while going through a continuous state of transformation. How can you discover what makes your people tick and understand their needs?

    While leading a digital transformation you will be facing conflicts, ineffective teamwork, passivity, resistance and reduced trust engagements. In this session, we will share how you can use Spiral Dynamics to face these difficult challenges from a leadership perspective. Spiral Dynamics provides a framework that describes an individual’s thinking system. Unlike many personality profiling tools (like MBTI, Insights, PAPI, etc), Spiral Dynamics provides a bio-psychosocial model that describes how a person’s thinking system is related to the environment he operates in. It can be used to resolve managerial misalignment, team dysfunction and conflict among individuals.

    Frederic Laloux’ book, ‘Reinventing Organisations’ (which is based on the Spiral Dynamics theories) got a lot of attention over the past two years. We will share with the audience how we have used a practical approach with Spiral Dynamics to coach leaders and managers to create their Agile transition plans.

    Grote Zaal (2nd floor) 15:15 – 16:00

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