Rini van SolingenProfessor of Global Software Engineering @ TU Delft

About Rini van Solingen
Rini van Solingen (prof.dr.ir.) is a speaker, writer, teacher and entrepreneur. He is a professor in global software engineering at Delft University of Technology. There he leads the research and education around globally distributed software teams. Rini is also CTO at Prowareness, where he, as a strategic consultant, helps to successfully implement agile transformations and build responsive enterprises. Rini is the author of a number of management books, including The Power of Scrum (together with Eelco Rustenburg), Scrum for Managers (together with Rob van Lanen), The Responsive Enterprise (together with Vikram Kapoor) and How to lead self-managing teams.

About his session – Auditors, controllers, compliance officers and Agile
Agile governance is often ignored with negative impact on speed and moral. This workshop helps you to actively invoke auditors, controllers and compliancy officers in order to go faster.

With the broad adoption of Agile ways of working in industry, and the role out across a wide variety of business functions and departments, the existing governance and compliancy roles starts to be touched. In many situations this results in friction and conflict. Which makes sense. After all, the existing and established governance is there to fight and correct deviations from the intended way of working. Or short: existing governance is invoked to fight Agile instead of facilitating it.

The broader these transformations are becoming, e.g. full digital transformations or company-wide Agile transformations the larger the likelihood that the existing governance starts to fight the transformation. This workshop will focus on real-life stories and examples, from the trenches, on what works and what does not work.

Grote Zaal (2nd floor) 11:15 – 12:00

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