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    About Marcella Koopman
    Marcella used to work as an Agile consultant for Prowareness. That was before she started to create her vision: the State of Agility. As a coach she has seen a lot of people struggle with their new role during an Agile transformation. To give them and the organization more insights in the roles and growth, she created assessments for the most common roles in an Agile organization. Marcella loves to empower people and lets them see for themselves what they can achieve. The State of Agility gives her that opportunity!

    About her session – The State of Agility
    During her experiences with Agile transformations, Marcella noticed that many organizations struggle with the roles within an Agile environment. Project managers become Product Owners and Development Team members become Scrum Master for four hours per week. So Marcella created a top five pitfalls for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Development Teams and Agile leaders. During this interactive session she addresses the Product Owner and Scrum Master pitfalls and creates awareness about the ‘why’ of the roles. Closing will be to measure your growth within the role, to show where you stand and how you can become better. Get insights in what is expected, for the Product Owner/Scrum Master himself as for the organization in total.

    Studio (5th floor) 15:15 – 16:00 


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