Leon BedauxVP S&I Digital at KPN

About Leon Bedaux
Leon Bedaux is Director IT for KPN and successfully running a very progressive Digital technology transformation within KPN in combination with a full restructuring of the organization to bring full autonomy to teams in a decentralized environment. Prior to his current responsibility, Leon held different positions within KPN, including Vice President of Customer Experience, Program Director of Fixed-Mobile Convergence, as well as IT Contracting and Procurement at the group level. Leon has degrees in law and telecom law from Utrecht University (The Netherlands).

About his session “Scrum as a result, not a solution”
In 2014 KPN launched a digitization program to move the traditional (legacy) telco IT-infrastructure towards a full cloud based, Agile and automated open source environment, run by internal developers. KPN booked significant improvements on customer satisfaction (NPS), increased flexibility and efficiency in this area. Leon Bedaux will share the learnings of this progressive journey and why culture, mind-set and people are in the end the key elements to succeed. How to resist the corporate immune system, how to change behavior, how to recruit the best people and how to drive self-improving scrum teams. Combined with a lot of other practical examples to use. An example of a comprehensive technical and cultural transformation “to ensure the flexibility of the full organization.”

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