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About Johannes Schartau
Johannes Schartau is an Agile Coach, consultant, and trainer from the beautiful company Holisticon in Hamburg. He is passionate about including as many voices as possible in exploring contexts and taking action. He is co-founder of the Zombie Scrum Resistance and Liberating Structures enthusiast.

About his session – Transforming Agile strategy
Scrum usually falls flat when it is embedded in a strategy that assumes linearity and predictability. The strategy is usually created by the top leaders of an organization who then “convince” the rest to implement it. Consequently, some companies choose to abandon strategy-making altogether in favor of an ad-hoc reaction to external circumstances. The clever use of Liberating Structures offers an alternative way designed to include all voices in cycles of continuous strategizing and shaping next steps. This approach is context-aware and firmly grounded in the present. Dreaming up and reaching out for a set of compelling futures becomes much easier. As a result the full potential of Scrum can be realized.

Studio (5th floor) 10:15 -11:00

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