Frederik VannieuwenhuyseAgile consultant @ Cronos

About Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse
Frederik is XP Days Benelux co-organizer and event organizer at the Agile Belgium meetup and Lean startup Belgium meetup. Frederik is also co-organizer of Leancamp in Belgium. Leancamp is an unconference about sharing experiences and insights on Lean Startup. Frederik has a personal mission to transform people, organizations and the workplace and bring them into the 21st century, using modern-day management and leadership.

About his session “Create products with impact”
Even with great development teams, we sometimes produce mediocre products. Those products might be of excellent technical quality, but do those products solve actual customers’ needs? So what’s worthwhile? Although we try to leave the views of the industrial age behind, and we embrace an Agile paradigm, Scrum is quite often simply applied to manage software development as a linear manufacturing pipeline. Request in, feature out.

Hence the question how we can augment from ‘good’ to ‘great’ products? A product or service with an impact. A product that makes a difference in people’s lives. We look at conditions necessary to be able to create products with impact. We discuss what kind of thinking is necessary. We look at some tactics, tools and techniques possible to utilize and adopt within a Scrum context. You will see examples of impact maps, roadmaps and visualizations to integrate customer discovery and learning in your product development flow.

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