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    Evelien Acun-Roos is an experienced Agile Coach at Xebia and a Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org. She has a profound knowledge of Agile and Scrum and knows how to transfer that to teams, Scrum Masters and Product Owners. Her passion with Agile centers on the teams and individuals within them. She loves to get teams up and running and then help them continuously improve. She has helped many teams at different organisations to become more Agile (like ING, Rabobank, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, APG, Philips, VodafoneZiggo). She is also the Scrum Master of the Scrum Boosters within Xebia, helping other Scrum affected people to become better in Scrum. Evelien loves to give training for beginning as well as experienced Scrummers. Her training courses are filled with brain based learning activities. In her classes she lets the learner learn instead of the teacher teach. Evelien was born in Zoetermeer, currently living in Helmond with her husband and 3 kids.

    About her session – So they added the Scrum values, now what?
    In this highly interactive session group participation is needed. Together we explore what the Scrum values are, what trust is and what these terms mean for a team. After that we will go into the elements of trust as noted in the trust quotient by the Trusted Advisor; credibility, reliability, intimacy and self orientation. You will learn what each element means and how you can work on increasing each element or in the case of self-orientation decreasing it. Through a series of exercises we find the answers on; So they added the Scrum values, now what? The result of this session will be that you have concrete ideas how to work on the Scrum values with your team.

    IJ Zaal (5th floor) 14:15 – 15:00 

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