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About Erich Bühler
Erich Bühler is a Senior Agile Consultant, CSP, and CSM who has been helping organizations since 1993.
He is the author of the first guide for successful social designs for Agile and digital organizations. The guide has allowed Agile coaches and consultants to create better and safer enterprises, be more flexible, and become more adaptable and able to balance learning with outstanding delivery. He has been helping companies in Europe, South America and New Zealand for many years. He also organized the first Scrum Day in Valencia (Spain) and Chile and has been lecturing in many international events in Asia, Europe and America, and regularly contributes with Scrum Alliance. You can view his webinar about Enterprise Social Systems in the Scrum Alliance Leadership Webinar page and check his articles in the Scrum Alliance website.  Erich is an independent Agile Coach.

About his workshop “Get fresh ideas with Enterprise Social Systems to build an unstoppable organization”
What do you know about Enterprise Social Systems and why are they important?
Enterprise Social Systems is a theory about organizations, tools to improvement the company and a change framework to roll out a plan in record time. ESS has helped companies around the world to update their traditional plans and produce new innovative strategies or to create new plans from scratch based on state-of-the-art Agile approaches. When ESS is used, companies generally experience an increase in productivity, engagement, a decrease in friction and an impressive cut on implementation times by half compared to the standard Agile techniques. This workshop is for curious people who want to know the very basics of ESS and be ready to start using some of the concepts after the session. Be aware that this is a very dynamic session, be ready to talk, move and experience new ideas!

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