Dajo BreddelsFreelance Agile, Scrum and Transformation Coach

About Dajo Breddels
Dajo is a coach, who’s been helping organizations making the transition to Agile since 2001. He is a frequent speaker at international Agile and Scrum conferences and a Professional Scrum Trainer. Besides Agile Coach and Scrum Trainer he is also a certified trainer in Brain Based Leadership and Training, NLP Trainer, Provocative Coach and (Agile) board game developer.

About his presentation “Using End State Energy”
Have you ever noticed that the improvements that are the outcome of Sprint Retrospectives are not as effective as they should be, or that the Backlog is more a collection of reactions to past and current problems rather than a breakdown of the Product Vision?
In this session, you will learn a technique that can drastically improve your Sprint Retrospectives, your Product Backlog and even your personal life. This technique originates from Brain Based Leadership and Training and has its foundation in neuro science. It has so much in common with Agile and Scrum, that it’s a mystery that it hasn’t been picked up by the Agile community to this date. Invest just 45 minutes and you’ll learn, practice and experience this skill, which can result in better Sprint Retrospectives, Product Backlogs and if you choose, your life.

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