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About Chris Lukassen
From coding real time operating systems to running nine teams in a multi-million product development, from garage startups to global giants like TomTom and Saab, from utter failure to CES award winning products. Chris has a huge experience base to draw from when it comes to Agile product management. He is on a mission to learn people how they can create products in such a way that they can never imagine going back. In his latest book he looks at how the ways of the Samurai can make us better Product Owners.

About his session – The product Samurai
Agile transformation does not mean more effectiveness. We adopt a new way of working but what does it take to reap the benefits? How can the small (Scrum) team beat the incumbent competitor? How can a new product outgrow the companies flagship product? How can a seven year old judoka throw a much larger and stronger opponent?

Using the principles of Judo we explore what makes Agile product development effective. We make a deep dive in the character traits and behavior of the Product Owner and finally we look at the environment, what do you need to build products, companies and people to dominate your competitors.

This lightweight talk will offer practical solutions and insights on how to become a better Product Owner, product manager or anyone responsible for setting out a product strategy. The talk is based on Chris’ personal experience as product manager, director, coach, teacher (and martial artist).

For it is our responsibility to save the world of crappy products and lead our teams like the Samurai.

Workspace (2nd floor) 15:15 – 16:00 

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