Barry HeinsAgile Coach @ Coolblue/Owner EPIC Coaching

About Barry Heins
Barry Heins is Agile Coach at Coolblue and Owner of EPIC Coaching. At Coolblue Barry’s main focus is on Product Owners but also facilitates trainings and workshops all through the organisation.

About his session – Simply Amaze
In this talk we would like to take you on the journey that Coolblue has taken over the past year. At Coolblue we do anything for a smile, the basis of this lies within our 4 simple core values: unconventional, friends, flexible, and go for it. It’s these four values that provide a fertile foundation for our teams to work with the Agile principles in mind. We strive to amaze customers by exceeding their expectations, we are not afraid of doing things differently and love going the extra mile.

We will describe the above by showing you some concrete examples of how an idea gets backed up by data to start and how fast it ends up in production in order to make our customers smile.

Of course there are challenges along the way, especially with a fast growing company such as Coolblue. We will give you some insight into how we tackle these challenges: by experimenting, measuring, validating and starting all over again. So that everyday we can be a little bit better and keep striving to simply amaze.

Workspace (2nd floor) 10:15 – 11:00 

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