What’s your mental model of value?
Most of us use the word “value” in our everyday life. We think about what value the agile coach can bring, how value an be delivered to the user, which value proposition is more relevant of the customer. Are all those “values” alike? And if not, how do we ensure that we understand each other? During this workshop we will explore our own mental models of value and learn how to match them with others.

Shared understanding of the concept of “value” might be crucial for scrum teams. Imagine a developer thinking about value as clean code, tester – as user experience with / without bugs, designer – user journey experience, and a PO – as people willing to pay for that. All ideas are valid and can together co-create a vision, unless people are unaware of these (and other deeper differences) and trying to build the whole picture from one perspective.

Main takeaways

  • what is my mental model about value?
  • how can I learn about mental models of other people?
  • what can I do when I learn that my mental model differs from other people?
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