You probably have heard that a Product Owner could not at the same time be the Scrum Master. Have you ever wondered why? What is the impact on value delivery? Let’s reflect on our experience! When Scrum was introduced in our organization, the process was maintained by Product Owners. As a result, teams were not delivering the right value and they did not deliver the value right. We invite practicing Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, and anyone doing the agile transformation to join our session and discuss this together.

Key takeaways:

  • The ultimate lesson: “Do not make your Product Owner a Scrum Master!”. The negative impacts outweigh the positives.
  • Lesson #1 Not delivering the right value: when the process became the priority, the PO did not fully own the product.
  • Lesson #2 Not delivering the value right: when the product became the priority, there was no process in place and Scrum principles were not understood by teams.

Sari Rahmani Sya’baniah (Ai) has been working in Agile environment (scrum) since 2016. She comes from various background, from a team member to Product Owner to Agile Coach. She learned from her experience that taking roles as Product Owner and Scrum Master at the same time could cause a conflict of interest, especially between product and the process. She believes that Product Owners need a vision for their product and should represent the customers through validating assumptions of their product value, while the Scrum Master encourages the team to optimize their work based on the product’s vision. They should collaborate together to create balance. She also believes that having a clear vision or big picture is important, not only for your product but also for your life. She learned many valuable personal lessons related to this topic since 2016.

Along with Rosa, they are currently Agile Coaches in Bukalapak where they help teams to become self-organize and coach the organization for the right Agile mindset.

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