This session is about portfolio walls, team compositions and how to reduce the integration and coordination efforts. By means of storytelling and a portfolio wall exercise we create insights in the complexity of portfolio management. You will leave this session with a practice that’ll help you to start changing your own organization.

Main takeaways

  • Insights in the complexity of dealing with dependencies
  • Identifying the waste in your organizational system
  • How to get from components to feature teams

Richard Jacobs started his IT career in an OPS environment before moving towards the DEV site of IT. Therefore is the DevOps mindset is in his DNA. Working in IT for over 20 years now, Richard became an enthusiastic Agile promotor and coach. He is especially passionate about “real” Agile scaling problems and the lightweight scaling frameworks available in the market. Richard is a firm believer in Systems Thinking and the power when applied during Agile transformations to create sustainable change. His motto? Be proud but never satisfied!

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