My objective as a professional is to help enabling organizations and people composing them to find a more human way of working together and creating awesome, sustainable results. Born in communist Poland and having lived in Africa and Western Europe I am always bringing a broad personal and professional experience to my efforts, be it through coaching, teaching or mentoring. My past experience as a programmer, analyst, product manager, project manager and team manager serves me well, all along the ten years of experience I have had a chance to practice Agile and Lean approaches, focusing mostly on Professional Scrum.

Main takeaways

Main takeaway

  • Understand the power of simple, human-oriented leadership in the age of accelerations and complexity.
  • Leverage meaningful human connections at every level – regardless of the role, title, organization structure – to create lasting change around oneself.
  • Learn (or rediscover) simple techniques and practices to practice CARE leadership on a daily basis – with a particular attention to organizations and teams in transition and teams working with Scrum framework in the context of the product delivery
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