Measuring Agility workshop description
An Agile approach seems to be successful when it is focused on delivering business value. Nowadays, many organizations claim to be Agile, are going through an Agile transition or thinking about Agile adoption. No matter where you are at this moment, you can always start measuring Agility. How do you know that you moving in the desired direction? What is your current value? What measures can affect it?

During the workshop participants will be practicing to find measurements actually measure value and which measurements have direct impact on customers. The results will be connected to their current situation in their companies and easy to apply in their work context.

Are we going to show these takeaways to the participants? If yes, maybe I should make them more enigmatic 🙂 not to spoil the workshop? Please advice.

Main takeaways:

  • value can be measured -> Discover and practice with ways to measure value
  • there are other many metrics that can impact current value -> there are many metrics that can impact current value
  • based on data (evidence) you can make decisions -> Decision making gets better when supported by data (evidence)
  • always remember about empiricism, inspect and adapt -> Apply empiricism to all aspects of your work; don’t forget to inspect & adapt the way you measure

Magdalena Firlit is a Professional Scrum Trainer. She also serves as an Agile Consultant, university lecturer (Agile leadership), mentor, life and business coach.

Magdalena has had over 19 years of professional experience and 14 years in an IT environment. She has been teaching people professionally since 2014 and specializes in Agile transformations and support for business during a change. She provides courses and workshops related to Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and soft skills. Magdalena is a speaker at conferences, meetups, and workshops. Additionally, is the co-organizer the first Liberating Structures meetup in Poland, Kraków.

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