Value Streams at Quby abstract:
As a growing company and business, change is a state of being. The last generations (Millennials and Gen Z) that have entered the workforce intensified the pace of change. And together with it new challenges and dysfunctions are introduced, such as fragmented strategic decision making, inter team & department dependencies, business promises that cannot be kept.

At Quby we have decided to simplify our approach and create an environment where change is truly accepted, end-to-end ownership is visible, and people can easily take responsibility to realize their impact. We don’t have your regular 2-pizza team with one PO, we have end-to- end value streams with skills that go beyond development (market &business research etc.) and with product ownership at strategic level.

Within the value stream, every day there may be a new micro-team finishing a goal or forming around delivering true value.  Each newly formed micro-team is responsible of their own processes and coordination with the other teams.

We will explore more in depth how we have answered @Quby questions like:

  • How far can self-organization go, when a development team member no longer has a dedicated Scrum team?
  • What are the main ingredients to form resilient and motivated teams that are open to continuous team changes?
  • How can change be embraced at all levels (individual, team, business)?
  • How can product ownership over a larger group and multiple teams be successful without layering it over several individuals?
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