Agile coaches step in, Scrum Masters step up
At the core of agile is self-organization. Both at the team level as well as org-wide. This means transformations should focus on enabling the patterns needed to ‘manage for self-organization.’ During a transformation involving ~25 teams working on a combined product, Jordann and Ziryan uncovered an anti-pattern. The existence of the agile coach role was disempowering the Scrum Master. It was limiting their responsibility regarding service to the Organization and service to the Product Owner. So Jordann and Ziryan did the only sensible thing to do, they removed the agile coach role… Here they will be storytelling their adventures, successes and hardships in a choose-your-own-adventure style.

Take aways:

  • Reflection on when you’re guiding an org and when you’re making an org depending on you
  • Design (de)scaling organizations by having roles over functions, where your mastery and autonomy (experience) define the reach of your impact
  • Make deliberate choices in managing the system to enable the right behavior

The book Reinventing Organizations talks about “[…] the fact that almost everyone today feels that something is broken in our organizations.” It is Jordann’s purpose to help people & organizations recover from this state. Over the years he has experienced that managing the system always wins over managing the people. He has guided multiple organizations to be(come) fit for the future. Believing that people are intrinsically motivated to grow and do not need to be managed towards that. Anyone who has worked with him will tell you his approach focuses on enabling self-organization. Next to that he helps people embrace experimentation through the use of serious  games.

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