Agility is no longer an option in today’s unpredictable and competitive digital era. At iPrice, agility is very important. However, scaling agility is not that simple because today there are many scaling frameworks available. Many scaling frameworks today are overloaded with information and not rarely it is being pushed from the top. Loads of information overwhelm people in the company and pushing down prescribed framework does not create a sense of ownership.

Learning from my experience from trying out Yoga, rather than pushing down scaling agility frameworks to our people at iPrice we invested time to brainstorm and came up with 5 continuous agility principles that create a self-regulating system that will eventually lead to self-similarity throughout the company. Besides ensuring the 5 continuous agility principles is always there, we also measure our state of agility periodically using Evidence-Based Management metrics.

Take aways:

  • Case study on how to use Scrum for scaling organisation agility.
  • How to practically masure your organization state of agility using Evidence Based Management (EBM)
  • Improve your current state of agility by using five key principles for continious agility.

As Founder & CTO, Heinrich’s passion is to combine the power of technology and data to create products that have impact at scale. Naturally, this requires a lean and agile learning organization, which iPrice is pioneering in the multi-cultural environment of South East Asia.

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