The Key to Self-Organization: Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs
Your actions are driven by your emotions and beliefs. Your past experience – from childhood till today –  has influenced your current strategies to cope with day to day situations; from driving your car through in a traffic jam, to how you engage in a conflict situation with a team member. You have a mental projection of how things are, and how things work. We all do. But are they (still) valid, and are they helping you or blocking you from achieving your goals?  By becoming aware of your limiting beliefs you can break out of the vicious circle you might have been in for probably a long time. Many challenges in teams can be traced back to beliefs of the individual team members. So instead of fighting the symptoms, let’s find the culprit. This workshop contains some powerful reflection exercises that can be confronting when you become aware of certain things about yourself, and this could trigger a certain emotional state. Please take this into account when you want to participate in our workshop.

Take aways:

  • You have become aware of your own limiting beliefs.
  • You have unlocked your full potential by embracing empowering beliefs.
  • You can lead by example.

Hi, I’m Chris! My main passion is helping others to achieve their ambitions. That’s why I started providing coaching, workshops and training courses on how to change your limiting beliefs and patterns to empowering beliefs and patterns. Throughout the years, I learned many valuable personal lessons related to this topic, and I’m sharing these lessons by writing and publishing blogs on my website.

In the session at Scrum Day Europe, Matthijs de Booij and I will explore the concept of limiting beliefs – statements which exist in your head about what’s true, but which are not necessarily true in the real world, and which are limiting you in achieving your goals. Using personal storytelling, various exercises and thought experiments, we will host an interactive session. We’re going to explore your own limiting beliefs and those that might exist within your Scrum Team. Also, we will provide you with tools and techniques to change these limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.

My background is in Psychology and Business IT and I’ve worked both as a Scrum Master and as a Product Owner. Also, I’ve given various trainings on Personal Leadership, Agile & Scrum.

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