Lean Start-up Workshop
How to build your products or businesses with validated learning

Although many companies are applying Scrum and Kanban practices, they often struggle with really applying the inspect and adapt mindset and experimentation that goes along with it. In most cases, companies are still building big features before testing it with customers with more low fidelity means. In this workshop we teach you what Lean Start-up is about and let you apply the thinking immediately. We will be challenging your views on product and feature development. We will be challenging what is really needed to validate our assumptions (not always software!). Lastly, during the workshop, you will be coming up with a Lean Start-up strategy to incrementally building a new type of business. Join a workshop that has helped numerous teams and stakeholders to redefine their projects and features and discuss the best route to validated learning!

Take aways:

  • What Lean Start-up is all about and why it is as relevant for corporations as it is for start-ups.
  • How you can apply Lean Start-up thinking, validated learning and the experimentation mindset to your product or service development.
  • How to avoid falling into the trap of always thinking in terms of software/features.
  • A basic understanding of incrementally de-risking ideas.

Not only having learnt theory about the above, but also applying it to a real world case.

Barry is an experienced (Agile) Coach who owns EPIC Coaching. Barry coaches organizations, teams and individuals on Lean/Agile principles & practices, team dynamics and other ways to be more effective. Barry is an active contributor to the Agile community as both a speaker and blogger. Together with James, Barry strives to take Agile adoption beyond the framework.

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