About the event

Scrum Day Europe is a great and lively journey for and by the Agile community and friends of Scrum. The event is a perfect place to be for change agents, Product Owners, and management. Take the opportunity to interact with presenters and like-minded peers who can share their experiences and lessons learned.


The theme for Scrum Day Europe this year will be ‘the next iteration’. This theme is based on the fact that Scrum Day Europe will have its 5 year anniversary this year. Besides that, Scrum has recently had its 20th anniversary, so we want to celebrate these great events.


We will look back a little bit to see what Scrum has brought us in the last 20 years, but we will most of all look forward into the future of Scrum and the next steps it will take in the coming years.

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Scrum Day Europe: the next iteration!



7 July 2016



Pakhuis de Zwijger (Amsterdam), the Netherlands

Piet Heinkade 179

1019 HC Amsterdam


Do you want to be part of the 5th edition of Scrum Day Europe?

If you have any questions please contact us: info@scrumdayeurope.com